Rental service


Are you looking for a rented house? In the current rental market, in which the demand is considerably higher than the supply, finding a suitable house is made more and more difficult for you.

Our renting service is the solution for finding a suitable rented house. Our experience and extensive network within the housing market contributes to our added value for you.




  1. Complete your search
    You complete the order confirmation for renting.
    Download the order confirmation for renting here. Mail the signed pdf to 
  2. Personal contact
    The moment we have received and processed your search order, our renting agent will contact you for a personal introduction.
  3. Custom work
    After this introduction the renting broker will search for suitable offers that are not from our own rental offer, but is obtained from our fellow brokers and private lessors.
  4. Viewings
    After we have discussed the house(s) proposed to you, you will have a viewing of the approved house(s) with our renting agent.
  5. Negotiations
    If you are interested in a specific house, we will discuss your wishes with you and contact the broker or private lessor. We will represent your interests and negotiate about the desired renting conditions on your behalf.
  6. The rental agreement
    Once we have received an agreement on the rental conditions, we will check the rental agreement that has been drawn up on correctness and discuss it with you prior to signing. 
  7. Payment of our commission
    After you have signed the rental agreement, there will be an official agreement and you will receive our invoice for our work. This will be 1 month of rental payment excluding VAT. 
  8. Rental payment and guarantee
    After approval and signing of the rental agreement a number of things have to be taken care of before you can receive the key to the house. These include timely payment of the first month of rent and the guarantee. We will inform you of this in time, so everything will be settled for a well-organised key exchange. 
  9. Official handover
    Nothing stands in the way of a handover once you have signed and have fulfilled your payment obligations. Together with you we will go to your new house and will help you during the inspection and check the house on any shortcomings and/or defects. 
  10. Enjoy
    After you have received the key, we will take your details and the rental agreement with inspection report and photos into custody and save them digitally. You can then fully enjoy your house and we will continue to be your first point of contact.  


Download confirmation for renting

Mail the signed pdf to

We will get started for you!